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In 2008, Melvin Mitchell inscribed a copy of his book, “The Crisis of the African American-Architect: Conflicting Cultures for Architecture and (Black) Power” to Paul Devrouax saying the quest to establish a history of accomplishments for African-American architects and other minority architects has just begun and his tome is just the beginning of establishing a complete history.



Born in New Orleans, Louisiana and growing up Los Angeles, California, Melvin Mitchell has lived the experience of the Civil Rights era and has been an activist for change throughout his life.  


He is a graduate of Howard University School of Architecture, Washington, DC and received a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University, Boston, MA.



Mr. Mitchell is past professor and director of the architecture and planning program at Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, and has taught at Howard University, Washington DC. 


He is a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2013


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